This is what climate protection looks like.

A good climate pays off.

Climate Protection Calculator

Have you ever stopped to think how much you could save with PLEXIGLAS®? You can not only reduce energy costs but also cut CO2 emissions.

Simply enter your values into the climate protection calculator. For Renovation, enter the existing proportion of glass in the roof surface; for New Construction specify the required daylight quotient.
The cooling temperature is the temperature above which the interior of the hall is cooled.  
All the calculations refer to a hall of area 2000 square meters with a horizontal roof. The exact cost savings depend on the location of the hall: Miami, for example, lies in the subtropical, Brussels in the Central European, and Rome in the mediterranean climate zone.
The figures are based on a Fraunhofer Institute study comparing PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® with various combinations of double-skin acrylic sheets. It was found that roof glazing with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® reduces cooling energy requirements in typical factory buildings.

Climate Protection Calculator for Roof Glazing

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Energy-Saving Heat Shield for Factory Units and Office Buildings with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP®. Download PDF

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