This is what climate protection looks like.

A good climate pays off.

A radiator manufacturer cools his factory units with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP®. That pays off, not just in terms of climate protection. more


"When the light domes in our office were still made of conventional plastic, the heat on sunny days was almost unbearable," Mr. Schulze recalls. That is why the building's 15 light domes were replaced this year. The new ones are made of PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP®. more


Innovative air conditioning concept with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® . A company that specializes in plastics processing shows how improving occupational safety can also help protect the climate. more  


Microstructured blinds made of PLEXIGLAS® reflect direct daylight, and with it the sun rays that heat up the room in summer. The room stays bright all the same. Companies save in two ways: on energy costs for air conditioning and electricity for artificial lighting. more

Product brochure as PDF:
Energy-Saving Heat Shield for Factory Units and Office Buildings with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP®. Download PDF

The climate protection calculator shows your energy and cost savings with PLEXIGLAS®. more

The online video series presents climate-friendly projects with PLEXIGLAS®. more

The right heat protection for roof glazing not only saves energy, it also improves working conditions. more