This is what climate protection looks like.

A good climate pays off.

Products for Climate Protection

Saving energy is a question of material. PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® is the answer. It keeps out most of the sun's heat and reduces energy requirements for air conditioning. That saves energy costs and moreover makes an active contribution to protecting the climate.   

Light domes made from PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® XT keep out three times as much IR radiation (solar heat) as light domes made from conventional acrylic. That cuts air-conditioning costs for factory units and office buildings, with lasting effect thanks to the material's guaranteed durability. Download PDF

PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® double-skin sheets act as an effective heat shield due to their infrared reflection. They also offer excellent weather resistance, impact strength and heat insulation. Download PDF 

Product brochure as a PDF:
Energy-Saving Heat Shield for Roof Glazing with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® Opal SDP 16/980 (/1200) – 32. Effective IR Reflection with Guaranteed Durability Cuts Air-Conditioning Costs for Good. Download PDF

This quadruple-skin sheet provides particularly good heat insulation, on top of the heat-reflecting HEATSTOP effect. What's more, PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® Transparent S4P is very rigid and impact-resistant. Download PDF 

This impact-resistant double-skin sheet offers sufficient protection, from outside and inside. It provides effective heat insulation and reduces incident solar energy by up to 75 percent. The blue color also makes a pleasantly cool impression. Download PDF

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