This is what climate protection looks like.

A good climate pays off.

Blinds Protect Against Heat and Sunlight

The average temperature in Germany has been rising by one degree each year, as reported by the Deutscher Wetterdienst, the reference for meteorology in Germany. The climate has changed and it is becoming continuously warmer – much to the dismay of many people who have to work in hot rooms. The right type of blind can protect against sunlight and heat. But many roller blinds only shut out the view outside and make the room so dark that the electric lighting has to be switched on.

Intelligent shading devices

The solution lies in roller blinds made from transparent PLEXIGLAS? molding compound. These guide sun rays into the room and keep out the heat, so that neither the air conditioning nor the light needs to be switched on. That cuts energy costs and produces less CO2. At the same time, it creates a more pleasant working atmosphere with a free view of the blue sky.

Blinds made from PLEXIGLAS? molding compound offer many advantages. Here they are in a nutshell:

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