This is what climate protection looks like.

A good climate pays off.

IR (Infrared) Reflection

Standard roof glazing may create an unpleasant room climate in strong sunlight. The glazed surface lets in most of the sun's heat (infrared radiation). PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® XT solves this problem. Its infrared-reflecting pigments keep out three times as much solar heat as conventional acrylic. As a result, the buildup of solar heat in rooms is reduced by up to 50% percent. Air conditioning units need to be switched on less often, which translates as substantial energy savings. That is good news both for the cost balance and the carbon balance. 

 A study by the Institute for Lighting and Structural Engineering at Cologne University of Applied Sciences confirms that up to 30 percent energy for cooling can be saved in the Central European climate. For all warmer climate zones, glazing with PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® offers particular energy benefits. In these warmer climate zones, the PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® substantially reduces the electricity requirement for cooling, by up to 20 percent.  

The study was based on a standardized factory unit with double-glazed skylights and interior daylighting according to DIN 5034. The room temperature was not to drop below 16 degrees Celsius in the course of the year, nor rise above 26 degrees Celsius. At room temperatures over 26 degrees Celsius, the air conditioning unit was switched on. The comparative simulation provided the following results under Central European climatic conditions: with PLEXIGLAS H

EATSTOP® XT, only 64 percent of the cooling energy required for standard glazing was needed - clear proof of the effectiveness of PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® XT.

Without air conditioning, the study shows that the room temperature below conventional domes rises above 26°C in the summer for 272 hours. With PLEXIGLAS HEATSTOP® XT, this temperature is exceeded for only 186 hours, i.e. some 100 working hours less to be spent in a tiring room climate.   

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