This is what climate protection looks like.

Harnessing the power of the sun.

The energy of the future

Alternative energies have to assume a growing share of our energy supply because fossil fuels will run out one day. Solar cells in photovoltaic units are the future. They convert sunlight into electrical current. more

Heating with sunlight is climate-friendly. Solar energy is also low-cost. more

Solar tiles, bio-solar house, SunShower – solar energy can be used for a wide variety of projects where heat is generated in a climate-friendly way. more


Germans accept higher electricity prices in case of a nuclear phase-out more

Sustainability and climate protection in Europe more

Intelligent power networks more

The online video series presents climate-friendly projects with PLEXIGLAS?. more

The climate protection calculator shows your energy and cost savings with PLEXIGLAS?. more

SolarShower: Having a nice warm shower with solar power. more

You will find more information on products, guarantees and fields of application at the PLEXIGLAS? website. more