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High energy efficiency, lower costs

Light Transmission

Light is just as important as the right temperature for best possible plant growth. PLEXIGLAS ALLTOP® transmits 91 percent of incident light, which means there is hardly any difference between growing a plant outdoors or inside a greenhouse. The sheets also let in the UV light that promotes good plant quality and is especially important for seedlings. Even in bad weather, the light yield is above average.

On its way through glazing, incident sunlight is often reflected by condensation. That reduces the amount of light transmitted and has the added disadvantage of dripping that leaves unsightly spots on delicate blossoms. Greenhouses with PLEXIGLAS RESIST® NO DROP, and PLEXIGLAS ALLTOP® in particular, are protected against this phenomenon. The special surface coating of the sheets makes water flow off as a continuous film, with no water droplets.


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PLEXIGLAS ALLTOP® SDP and PLEXIGLAS RESIST® SDP NO DRO Maximum light transmission and cost-saving heat insulation for vigorous growth and excellent crop yield. Download PDF  

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