This is what climate protection looks like

High energy efficiency, lower costs

Products for Climate Protection

Saving energy is a question of material. The answer? PLEXIGLAS® multi-skin sheets. Depending on your plants' needs and your climatic conditions, you have a choice of three material grades. With these, your plants grow fast and offer good quality, while you save energy costs and make an active contribution to climate protection:  

PLEXIGLAS ALLTOP® SDP multi-skin sheets have an excellent light transmission of 91 percent, thanks to their NO DROP coating on both sides and inside the cavities. They transmit the UV range of natural sunlight that is important for plant growth without any problem. What's more, they offer excellent heat insulation. more

With their very high light transmission of 86% and the NO DROP coating on one side (installed facing downwards in greenhouses, i.e. with the active surface facing the plants), the extremely impact-resistant PLEXIGLAS RESIST® NO DROP multi-skin sheets are superior to many conventional types of double glazing. Further information on the products. more


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