This is what climate protection looks like

Full luminosity, less power

Full luminosity, less power

Brightly shining advertising signs with PLEXIGLAS truLED®. The material was specially developed for modern LED technology and is a climate-friendly form of signage. more

Design is key. The material has to adapt to the design, not the other way round. PLEXIGLAS® is easy to fabricate and offers high light transmission. And quite incidentally, you cut your energy costs too. more

Different colors, different sizes – simply calculate how much energy you can save with illuminated signs made of PLEXIGLAS®. more

Shanghai, Leipzig, Zaragoza: designers and architects all over the world build with PLEXIGLAS®. One look at their projects shows why they chose this material. more

PLEXIGLAS truLED® and PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten – both show off light to best advantage and are easy to fabricate. PLEXIGLAS truLED® stands out for its high light transmission and diffusion, as well as cutting energy costs. PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten has the advantage of enabling the slimmest possible constructions because light is fed through its edges. more


Environmental Award for Michail Gorbatschow more

Energy and resource efficiency at K2010 more

LEDs for EU lamps more

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Energy-saving information signs with PLEXIGLAS EndLighten®.
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Different colors, different sizes – simply calculate the savings that can be made for illuminated signs. more

The Nova Eventis shopping mall installs a 12-meter-high luminous globe made of PLEXIGLAS®. more