This is what climate protection looks like

Full luminosity, less power

Climate Protection Calculator

Illuminated signs have to be as large and striking as possible to draw maximum attention. In addition, it should be possible to operate them energy-efficiently. Light designers and architects are familiar with these requirements, which appear to be contradictory at first sight. The PLEXIGLAS? climate protection calculator shows how both aims can be achieved.

With PLEXIGLAS truLED? you save costs and energy without compromising design. You can determine exactly how much you might save by means of the climate protection calculator. This shows you the savings potentials for energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. Enter the desired material, size and length of time for which the sign is illuminated, together with the average electricity price, and see how much more economically you could work.  

An illuminated advertising sign with a moderate to good level of ambient lighting is assumed for calculation of the illumination.

Product brochure as a PDF:
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