This is what climate protection looks like

Full luminosity, less power

Imaginarium, a large Spanish retail chain that markets children's products and toys in 30 countries, shows that climate protection can also have tangible economic benefits for companies. more

Illuminated signs have to be efficient by day and by night. Read here why Lexus relies on PLEXIGLAS truLED® at its car showrooms in South Africa. more


Illuminated signs made of PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten at Shanghai’s Pudong Airport show visitors the way. Their special feature is their low energy consumption. The sheets only need to be illuminated via the edges and the material then conducts the lights evenly across the surface. This calls for fewer illuminants. more

A gigantic luminous globe shines in all colors in front of Leipzig’s Nova Eventis shopping mall. Even films can be projected onto it. The globe is made of PLEXIGLAS truLED®. Combined with LED spots on the inside, this obtains maximum light transsmission. A real eye-catcher. more

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Energy-saving information signs with PLEXIGLAS EndLighten®.
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Different colors, different sizes – simply calculate the savings that can be made for illuminated signs. more

The Nova Eventis shopping mall installs a 12-meter-high luminous globe made of PLEXIGLAS®. more