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Full luminosity, less power

Lighting of the future – LEDs are on the advance

Advertising is meant to catch attention, whether in the shape of an advertisement, a TV spot, posters or illuminated signs. Attention opens the door for subsequent business. One way to do this is to use colored lights and displays to make the product or message a real eye-catcher. Illuminated signs are gaining ground around the globe.

The energy required to produce them should go into the creative process and good ideas, rather than high electricity consumption and ancillary costs. That's why LEDs are winning an increasing share of the illuminants market. Because they enable slim constructions, LEDs offer flexible options, have low power requirements, a much longer service life than conventional illuminants and lower maintenance costs. They are typically operated with 12 to 24 volts, but voltages up to 1,000 are also possible. Below that, the voltage is classed as low. That means LEDs offer greater electrical safety and make for simpler installation. But when conventional acrylic is used together with LEDs, most of the light is converted to heat within the acrylic sheet. This wastes up to 40 percent energy to achieve the desired lighting effect. This is where great potential exists for cutting costs and improving climate protection.

Full luminosity, less power

Against the backdrop of the climate protection debate and rising energy prices, it is more essential than ever to design luminous objects with the greatest possible energy efficiency. That is why more and more LED objects are being built with PLEXIGLAS truLED®, which was specially designed for modern LED technology and is precisely adjusted to the color points of LEDs. This means that the light is not converted into heat, but reaches the viewer instead.

This is a unique achievement that distinguishes the product from all standard products currently available in the market. Through this innovation, PLEXIGLAS truLED® offers much better light transmission than conventional acrylic sheets, combined with high light diffusion. It enables optimum lighting results at minimum power consumption. PLEXIGLAS truLED® saves up to 40% electricity when backlit with LEDs as compared with conventional acrylic. That cuts costs and carbon emissions all in one. Together with the other advantages offered by modern LED technology, that makes for the most appropriate form of signage to protect the climate. LEDS have a long service life and require very little maintenance, which minimizes costs and time for replacing and repairing the units. LEDs are the lighting technology of the future, and PLEXIGLAS truLED® is the tailor-made solution.

Beyond this, PLEXIGLAS® offers an additional advantage for illuminated signs: Five standard PLEXIGLAS truLED® colors produce the same impression in daylight and at night.  


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