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Full luminosity, less power




Spectrum for green LEDs and PLEXIGLAS truLED® 2918 (Green) 

Light Transmission

The brightness of an object depends on two factors, the intensity of the light source and the light transmission of the illuminated material. The more light the material transmits, the brighter the object will shine. In reverse, this means that to achieve the same lighting effect, an object with high light transmission requires far fewer light sources than an object with inferior transmission.

That is how energy saving with PLEXIGLAS truLED® works: The excellent transmission means that optimal lighting results are obtained with a minimum number of LEDs, which cuts energy costs and carbon emissions at the same time.LEDs always emit light in one color, so-called monochromatic light. PLEXIGLAS truLED® was specially developed for backlighting with LEDs. It is adjusted to the wavelengths of red, green, yellow, blue and white LEDs (see diagram).That means that a great deal of light is transmitted in the precise color of the LED. Simultaneously, the sheets are uniformly illuminated due to their good light diffusion.  

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