This is what climate protection looks like

Full luminosity, less power

Protecting the climate creatively – with PLEXIGLAS®

Illuminated objects vie for attention in shopping malls, at hotels and airports. They point the way or, as façade lighting, arouse our curiosity about what’s inside. There, they are exposed to rain, hail and sunshine. PLEXIGLAS truLED® defies all winds and weathers and still catches the eye even years later, just like on day one.

Luminous elements like information signs or lighted posters and advertising signs have to be slim and elegant as well as bright ‒ because that looks good and saves space and material. Classical backlighting has limits, though, when it comes to flat shapes. Not so with PLEXIGLAS® EndLighten.

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Energy-saving information signs with PLEXIGLAS EndLighten®.
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Different colors, different sizes – simply calculate the savings that can be made for illuminated signs. more

The Nova Eventis shopping mall installs a 12-meter-high luminous globe made of PLEXIGLAS®. more